“I saw bodies on the road”: Hours after the shooting The magnitude of the disaster in Chicago was revealed

The American Independence Day marked yesterday instantly became a day of disaster, when a 22-year-old opened fire on participants in a march in Chicago and murdered six. This morning (Tuesday) talked Udi Jaeger, An Israeli who arrived at the scene, with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM and said: “The bodies were thrown on the road.” Shuki, another eyewitness interviewed by the High Court, said that “there was a big commotion, people ran with the children on their hands.”

Jaeger said he arrived at the scene minutes after it happened: “I arrived something like a quarter of an hour after the incident, I was in the area and a friend of mine sent WhatsApp about what was happening. I did not know at all, but I was very close so I said I would go and see what happened. “.

“I saw a full police vehicle. I was standing 50 meters from the incident, when they had already closed the street. At the end of my eye, I saw that there were bodies on the road. Even after four hours, they searched here, walked between the shops and the houses. There is also a small community of Israelis, “he added.

Meanwhile, in IDF waves, we interviewed another eyewitness named Shuki He claimed that he was only 300 meters away from the shots: “We were near the Chabad synagogue, on the main street where the Independence Day parade passes. We settled on the grass, front row and were ready for the parade. Began to pass groups of children with bicycles and then the parade itself began. The first group consisted of police, firefighters and ambulances. ”

He claimed he did not understand that the strange noises he heard were shots: “I heard” Puff Puff Puff “we were 300 meters away from the shooting. I heard something that sounded like fireworks di noir. “Unfortunately, the rabbi’s convoy of police made a wild U-turn on the road and started galloping in the other direction.”

The scene of the shooting incident in Highland Park near Chicago (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

“We did not think of shootings, we thought of an emergency maybe someone’s heart attack. But then a swarm of people started running from the shooting in our direction. They started shouting shots. There was a commotion people ran over each other, with the children on their hands. I was with my family and children. Only “Explain to the ear, now there is a storm here, the little son started screaming from the trauma.”

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