Andriy Melnyk has to go back to Kyiv: the Ukrainian “undiplomat” is withdrawn

There is this anecdote from Andriy Melnyk that explains him quite well. A few weeks after the start of the war, Der Spiegel writes, the Ukrainian ambassador is sitting in a Berlin TV studio after an emotional argument with SPD foreign policy expert Michael Roth. He hurries out the door with quick steps, you might think he’s fleeing. Melnyk says: “Asshole”.

An “imposition” called the DOES him once, the Spiegel portrayed him as “The Undiplomat”: Melnyk, 47, always dressed very neatly, has been the thorn in the flesh of German politics in recent months. Weeks before Vladimir Putin sent his tanks towards Kyiv, he was on talk shows, explaining in the most polished German what was threatening the West – and his warnings were ridiculed.

After the shelling, he distributed all the more violently, and especially in the direction of the SPD. Chancellor Olaf Scholz was an “offended liverwurst” because he absolutely did not want to travel to Kyiv after Frank-Walter Steinmeier was uninvited, Melnyk said. President Steinmeier, who has been persona non grata in Kyiv because of his negotiations with Russia since 2014, accused him of having a “sacred” relationship with Moscow and “a spider’s web of contacts with Russia”.

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