This German team competes in the European Football Championship in 2022

England will host the European Women’s Football Championship from July 6 to July 31. One of the most successful of the 16 qualified teams, the German team has won eight total European Championship titles.

Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, a national coach, has been in charge of the group since 2018. The 54-year-old previously spent five years as the national team coach of Switzerland. She played 125 times for Germany as a national player between 1984 and 2000, and at age 23, she won her maiden European Championship. She was the first player to ever get the honor of “Female Soccer Player of the Year” in 1996.

female football team for the 2022 European Championship

And Voss-Tecklenburg took that decision for this European Championship.

function of player jersey number

Alter association

1 goalkeeper Merle Frohms 27 Eintracht Frankfurt

Goalkeeper Almuth Schult, age 12.

VfL Wolfsburg, 31

Goalkeeper Ann Katrin Berger, age 21


FC Chelsea

Defense: Sara Doorsoun, 23


The Frankfurt Eintracht

Defense: Felicitas Rauch, 17

VfL Wolfsburg 26

3 defense from Kathrin Hendrich

VfL Wolfsburg 30

15-inch Giulia Gwinn defensive


Borussia Dortmund

5 for Marina Hegering

VfL Wolfsburg 32

Defense Sophia Kleinherne 2

Eintracht Frankfurt, 22

3 defense from Kathrin Hendrich

VfL Wolfsburg 30

14 midfielder Nicole Anyomi 22 Eintracht Frankfurt

Midfielder Jule Brand, 22, of VfL Wolfsburg

Bayern Munich midfielder Klara Buehl, 19

Midfielder Sara Däbritz, age 14.

Olympic Lyon, 27

Linda Dallmann, a 16-year-old midfielder for FC Bayern Munich

Midfielder Jule Brand, 22, of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

Midfielder Lina Magul, 20

Bayern Munich, age 27

Eintracht Frankfurt 10 midfield Laura Freigang 24

4 midfielders Lena Lattwein

VfL Wolfsburg 22

Bayern Munich 8 midfielder Sydney Lohmann

20 VfL Wolfsburg Lena Oberdorf 6 midfield

Svenja Huth is a nine-sturm-31 VfL Wolfsburg.

Popp, Alexandra

31 Sturm 11 Wolfsburg VfL

Leticia Schuller

7 Sturm 24

Borussia Dortmund

18 Sturm 25 VfL Wolfsburg Tabea Wassmuth

What spots are set for football EM 2022?

Goalkeeper Merle Frohms is regarded as being in good shape. The 27-year-old is renowned for her lightning-fast reflexes and skill at deflecting penalties.

Dzsenifer Marozsan’s absence from the team will likely create a significant void. Despite being the team’s star in previous months, the 30-year-old is now eliminated from the tournament after suffering an injury in April 2022.

Sara Däbritz and Linda Dallmann are given permanent positions on the team, though. Däbritz is one of the team’s most seasoned players with 114 caps. She did, however, finish an individual program at the most recent training session due to complaints.

Who is designated as the captain?

In the team’s opening match against the Danish team on Friday, Svenja Huth will assume the captaincy. Regularly serving as captain is veteran national player Alexandra Popp, who was unwell and unable to attend the training camp. The squad has been said to have three captains, and Sara Däbritz has recently also worn the captain’s hat.

What are the team’s strengths this year?

Many people believe that the team will succeed at the 2022 European Championship, mostly due to the young average age.

The current squad should be able to survive in this constellation for a very long period, it is hoped. Jule Brandt, a 19-year-old player for Germany, is the youngest.

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