Hohe Börde: seriously injured – man runs over ex-girlfriend (45) with car

Von: L. Meinfelder

Rottmersleben (Saxony-Anhalt) – On the main street in Rottmersleben, a man (41) is said to have tried to run over his former partner with a car. The woman (45) survived the collision on Monday with serious injuries.

A passer-by observed the two arguing loudly around 7pm on Monday night. The dispute escalated for unknown reasons. The man then tried to run over his ex-girlfriend with his car.

The passer-by who saw what was happening then alerted the police. When officers first arrived at the scene, the man was still there. His handcuffs clicked and he was temporarily arrested.

“We don’t really know that much yet. There must be reasons. It is unclear what the reasons are and why a person takes such measures,” said a police spokesman to BILD.

The woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries. In the meantime, the all-clear was given: she is out of danger. The Magdeburg Police Inspectorate is now investigating the exact background and the course of the brutal act.

A police spokesman said: “Other things always play an important role in such acts. We have to clarify questions like: What happened beforehand? Why did the dispute escalate so? Was the man guilty at all?”

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