The Italian media published today (Wednesday) the first documentation of the cable car disaster that occurred in the country, which resulted in the deaths of 14 people, including five Israelis. The documentation shows how the cable car loses control, disconnects from the cable and falls.

About a week ago, the Italian media reported that 5-year-old Eitan Biran, the only survivor of the cable car disaster in Stresa, Italy, was released today (Thursday) from the hospital after about 18 days. Medical sources said that his condition had greatly improved and that it was estimated that he was expected to recover for another two months from the accident.

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The day before, it was reported in the Italian Torino Courier that Ethan was beginning to discover the painful truth after hearing from the medical staff the news of his family’s death. His parents Amit and Tal Biran, his brother Tom, the grandfather of his mother Yitzhak (Izzy) Cohen and his second wife, the late Barbara Koninsky-Cohen, were killed in the disaster.

Lawyer Christina Fanny, who represents Ethan’s family, said that “Ethan is slowly learning what happened, through his family and the psychologists close to him.” She noted that “it was explained to him what had happened, in a way that the doctors, experts and family members agreed to. It is a particularly long and delicate process.”

As you may recall, the court in Turin appointed Eitan’s aunt, Aya Biran, as his guardian, but the appointment will be examined by the supervising judge in Pavia, where Eitan officially resides. It was also reported that Eitan may return to Israel in the future, but now the family’s attention is focused on his psychological needs.

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