In Serbia, after a fresh morning with light frost and fog, it will be sunny and averagely warm today, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) announced.

The wind is weak and moderate, strong in the Košava area, and occasionally stormy in the southeast in the south of Banat. The lowest temperature is from one in the south and east to 12 in the south of Banat, and the highest daily from 21 to 25 degrees Celsius.

It will be fresh in Belgrade in the morning, and mostly sunny and averagely warm during the day. Wind moderate, occasionally strong southeast. Lowest temperature from nine to 11, and highest daily around 25 degrees Celsius.

Relatively favorable biometeorological impact on most chronic patients. Some caution is advised for heart patients. Meteoropathic reactions are possible in a milder form.

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