Dozens of countries have adopted a statement calling for a joint struggle against manifestations of anti.Semitism around the world and warning that racism and hatred pose a danger to democracy and all open societies. “Our commitment will remain stable: never again!”, The statement said.

The Austrian Foreign Minister, Alexander Schlenberg, read the statement at a UN Human Rights Council hearing entitled “Racism and intolerance”. In support of at least 42 other countries, including Israel, USA, UK, Australia, Poland, Argentina, Croatia, Greece, Colombia, Estonia, Japan and Cameroon.

“World War II ended 75 years ago. The horrors of the Holocaust are still present in our consciousness. And the tragic fact is this: anti.Semitism is not a thing of the past. This poison still exists, within our societies,” the Austrian minister said.

“Unfortunately, the corona plague has overshadowed many crises and diverted our attention from critical developments, such as rising anti.Semitism, intolerance and hatred,” Schlenberg added. “While we allow hate speech, conspiracy theories and misinformation to spread like a virus, they lead to violence and hate crimes.”

Therefore, Schlenberg noted, the states that support the declaration declare “unequivocal solidarity versus hatred.” “We reiterate our commitment to fight anti.Semitism and all forms of racism, prejudice and discrimination – anywhere and anytime,” the agreed.upon statement read by the Austrian minister said. “Our commitment will remain stable: never again!”.

The statement added: “Anti.Semitism is not acceptable because it threatens all members of our communities. Anti.Semitism is not acceptable because it shatters our open and inclusive societies. Anti.Semitism is not acceptable because it is toxic to democracy. No one is safe when individuals or communities are boycotted or targeted. “Because of who they are. To despise the dignity of one threatens the dignity of us all.”

“Therefore, we commit to joint action throughout the UN system to bring to the center the fight against anti.Semitism. We pledge to step up our efforts to deal with hate speech. And we are committed to promoting education as a key to the fight against anti.Semitism and hatred of all kinds. “

Schellenberg stressed that “this struggle is not between anti.Semites and Jews.” “This struggle is between anti.Semites and anyone who believes in the values ​​of equality, justice and liberty,” the Austrian minister concluded.

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