The Moroccan security forces have dismantled in the city of Tangier an alleged terrorist cell that planned to carry out attacks “imminently”, supposedly on behalf of the jihadist organization Islamic State, to which the suspects had already pledged allegiance.

The Central Office for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ, for its acronym in French) has reported in a statement the arrest this Wednesday morning of five people between 22 and 28 years old, alleged members of the same cell, according to the official news agency MAP.

In the operation to arrest the leader of the group, the agents used sound bombs for the resistance of the suspect. They also evicted neighbors and relatives for fear of an explosion in the house, where chemicals, gas cylinders, cables and nails, as well as propaganda from the Islamic State, have been found.

Authorities suspect that the cell wanted to recruit new members and had already planned to bomb buildings and security officials, as well as public places. One of the suspects had already carried out simulations on the manufacture of explosives based on information found on the internet.

The self.proclaimed ’emir’ of this cell had begun to establish contacts with leaders of the Islamic State in the Sahel region in search of resources, both economic and logistical, for the various terrorist operations, of which BCIJ has not offered further details in its note.

The detainees have been left at the disposal of the antiterrorist prosecutor’s office, which will take charge of the investigations to determine the ramifications of this group and identify their plans.

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