Taiwan’s Defense Minister Qiu Kw.cheng estimated today (Wednesday) that China would be able to attack the island within four years without fear of consequences and warned that the current tensions in the region, during which 150 Chinese Air Force aircraft have also penetrated Taiwanese territory since This weekend, it’s the worst in four decades.

Speaking to a parliamentary committee in Taipei, Qiu noted that the Chinese military is already able to act against Taiwan on a comprehensive basis, but “they must calculate what they might lose, and what the outcome will be.” “After 2025, they will be able to bring the price and losses to a minimum,” the minister said without specifying how he bases his assessment.

Since the weekend, 150 Chinese aircraft, including fighter jets and nuclear bombers, have infiltrated Taiwan’s air defense systems detection area, including an unprecedented 52.aircraft flight simultaneously. “This is the most difficult situation I have seen in more than forty years of my military life,” Chiu said.

Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing.wen, has also warned of a possible escalation. “I warn China that it must exercise a certain level of restraint in order to avoid igniting a conflict by mistake,” Tsai said in a speech to senior members of the Progressive Democratic ruling party.

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