Chechen (CINS): Mali will not be removed, he has become too powerful even for Vučić

Director of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Serbia (CINS) Branko Cecen said tonight that Finance Minister Sinisa Mali will not be fired due to allegations from the international project “Pandora’s Papers” because, as he said, “he knows a lot about very unpleasant aspects of public officials’ business.” “.

Speaking on H1 television, Chechen assessed that Mali had become “too powerful, even for Aleksandar Vučić”.

“Even if Vučić wants to remove people like Mali, it is not so easy,” said the director of CINS.

The Chechen added that he believes in the claims of the opposition that Mali is “the architect of the system according to which the money that is extracted from Serbia is hidden”.

“I think that his tentacles are deep in all the biggest deals in Serbia,” said Chechen.

The Crime and Corruption Investigation Network (KRIK) recently announced that documents obtained by their journalists as part of the international Pandora’s Papers project prove that Finance Minister Sinisa Mali owned 24 luxury apartments on the Bulgarian coast.

According to KRIK, as the owner of two offshore companies from the British Virgin Islands, he bought 23 apartments, and another in his own name, the minister rejected as “lies”.

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