The President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović, stated today that he does not like the idea of ​​a physical barrier on the external border of the EU, estimating that setting up a wire fence towards BiH or Serbia would be painful.

“Croatia’s wire fence to BiH or Serbia is sick, when some people are not sick of having a wire fence to Croatia for several years,” Milanovic told reporters in Zagreb when asked about the initiative of 12 EU countries that want physical barriers at the border.

He added that, given the physical barrier between member states, it would undermine the meaning of Schengen.

“If it is about external borders, it will have to be agreed unanimously, it is complicated,” Milanovic said.

Regarding the recordings of the violent expulsion of migrants on the border with BiH, Milanović said that there were no results of the investigations, so he does not see anyone’s responsibility at the moment.

“I consider this an incident for which someone should be held accountable,” Milanovic said, adding that Croatia should have no consequences because of that.

Stressing that the unjustified use of force is unacceptable, he wondered whether the police should guard the future Schengen border with “fans”.

“The police, if we theoretically remove a few who did something they shouldn’t have done, are doing a horrible job for little money in impossible conditions,” the Croatian president added.

He said that there is no right “to pass through the Republic of Croatia” and emphasized that BiH is a safe state, where there is no danger for migrants.


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