The Palestinian Research Center PSR conducted a survey among Palestinian residents in the West Bank and Gaza, regarding Palestinian policy, in the shadow of the events of Operation Wall Guard, the canceled Palestinian leadership election and the election of Naftali Bennett as prime minister. The poll, conducted among 1,200 people, found that in the case of the Palestinian Authority elections between Abu Mazen and Ismail Haniya, 59 percent would vote for the Hamas leader while 27 percent would vote for the current chairman.

The survey also found that 72 percent of respondents want to hold elections in the Palestinian Authority, including in East Jerusalem, and that the events of recent weeks have raised the desire for violent resistance and lowered the belief that the conflict will be resolved through negotiations. Regarding the change of government in Israel, about one-fifth of the respondents thought that a government headed by Naftali Bennett was preferable.

Regarding Hamas’ wall guard operation and confrontations with Israel, 77 percent of respondents believed that Hamas was the winner in the battle, while only one percent believed that Israel was the winner. In addition, 66 percent believe he achieved his goal by firing on Israel and 72 believe the shooting on Israel was intended to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Regarding the Palestinian elections postponed to an unknown date, 65 percent oppose Chairman Abu Mazen’s decision to postpone the election. Two-thirds believe that Mahmoud Abbas postponed the election because he feared the results. Percentages said they were not interested.

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Respondents were asked about the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: 61 percent believe that a two-state solution is no longer relevant, due to the expansion of Israeli settlements. Following the recent security incidents, the desire for an intifada and violent resistance has risen – 39 percent of respondents said they were interested.

The issue of the new government also came up in the poll – 19 percent thought that a government led by Naftali Bennett would be preferable to the Palestinians, compared to 69 percent who do not agree with this position.

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