Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis today acknowledged the victory of opposition conservatives, Christian Democrats and Liberals from the Together coalition in Friday’s and today’s parliamentary elections and congratulated its leader Petra Fiala, but said he would try to form a government if Czech President Milos Zeman kept his promise and offered “We were against five parties with the only program to remove Babis. It is a miracle that we achieved this result. It is true that we did not count on being defeated. Congratulations to Fiali for a great finish, mobilization of voters, five percent more came out voters than in previous elections, “Babis admitted defeat at a news conference.

After counting 99.96 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic, the coalition Together won with 27.78 percent of votes, the other party is the ANO of Prime Minister Babis with 27.13 percent of votes, followed by the coalition of Pirates and Independent Mayors with 15.60 percent of votes.

Among the 200 deputies, only radical nationalists from the Freedom and Direct Democracy party, which won 9.56 percent of the vote, will have theirs, while other parties, for the first time in history, both the Social Democrats and the Czech Communists failed to cross the five percent threshold. .

Although the coalition Zajedno and PiratiSTAN have a majority of 108 deputies and they reiterated that none of the parties in them intends to enter a possible government with Babis, but that they will form a government together, Babis said today that he would accept if President Zeman entrusts him with the mandate to try. to form a government.

“We are individually the strongest subject. We may have one more term. We will see how the president decides. It was said that the talks will be on Wednesday, whether he will entrust me to form a government or not,” Babis said.

The Czech Prime Minister said that he would accept that attempt and start negotiations with the winner of the elections, the coalition Together, but that he would certainly not negotiate with the Pirate Party from the other coalition.

“If we end up in the opposition, we will continue. ANO is not a one.time project. We lost because of Prague, Prague defeated us, Prague does not tolerate Babis. If the president gives me a mandate, I will negotiate,” Babis said.

Due to President Zeman’s decision to ignore the custom of giving attempts to form a government to give parties or coalitions that can secure a majority in parliament, analysts are waiting for months when fruitless negotiations will take place and the current Babis government will resign.

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