Iran rejects international request to place security cameras at Karaj power station

The director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohamad Eslami, has rejected the request of the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany to reinstall cameras at the Karaj nuclear power plant, considering that it is a procedure outside the terms of the International nuclear agreement signed by the Islamic Republic in 2015.

As the Iranian authorities have already stated on other occasions, the resumption of US sanctions and the lack of support they denounce among the rest of the international signatories has led them to dissociate themselves more and more from the terms of the agreement, and even more so from unofficial requests .

“It is a two.way agreement” between Iran and world powers and “the Europeans and the Americans have not fulfilled their commitments,” Eslami lamented in an interview with the Iranian newspaper Entejab.

In June, Iranian authorities said that a centrifuge facility in Karaj, outside Tehran, was the target of a foiled “sabotage plot”. Days later, the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany requested the placement of cameras in the center so that the UN nuclear agency could verify that they were not carrying out malicious operations.

Although Iran has distanced itself from the agreement, it has always maintained its position that its nuclear program does not have as its ultimate intention the development of a weapon of mass destruction, as Washington suspects, which has urged the Islamic republic to rejoin the talks. Vienna to reactivate the agreement.

Iran has made a condition for its return the complete withdrawal of the sanctions reintroduced by the United States after the now former US president Donald Trump decided to withdraw from the pact in 2018, three years after its signing.

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