Iraq today announced the arrest of one of the most senior wanted members of the terrorist organization ISIS – Sami Jassem, who served as the Islamic State’s chief financial officer and was the deputy to the organization’s founder, Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi. The U.S. administration has put a $ 5 million reward on its head.

A day after the country’s general election, Prime Minister Mustafa al.Khazmi announced this morning that Jassem had been captured in an operation outside Iraq. “When our heroes’ eyes were alert to defend the election, the intelligence arm carried out one of the most difficult operations outside our borders to arrest Sami Jassem, ISIS’s economic chief and Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi’s deputy,” he tweeted. On his Twitter account.


In conjunction with the election wedding, we bled to our honorable people, good news of the arrest of the General Supervisor of the Financial and Economic Files Department of the terrorist organization “ISIS”, Sami Jassem Muhammad Jaata, the old man of Jubouri, nicknamed “Abu Asia” and “Abu Abdul Qadir Al.Zubaidi”…

. Security Media Cell 🇮🇶 (@SecMedCell) October 11, 2021

A spokesman for the Iraqi security forces released footage of Jasm Murd from an airplane with his head covered and armed fighters surrounding him and Jasm behind bars. “The criminal was arrested in a quality operation by our brave forces in a special operation outside our borders,” it said in a statement, noting that Jassem was “one of the most wanted in the world” and that he served as Abu Bakr al.Baghdadi’s deputy and was also close to the current leader, Abu Ibrahim al.Hashmi al.Hashmi. .Kurashi.

The statement also stressed that the security forces “pledge to the Iraqi people that we will all be with an eye that will never change in order to maintain security and stability throughout the country.”

The U.S. has imposed a $ 5 million reward on Jasm’s head and the Treasury Department has declared him an international terrorist and imposed sanctions on him six years ago. Since 2014, he has overseen the collection of the organization’s illegal profits from the sale of oil, gas, antiquities and minerals. In 2016, it was even alleged that he and one of his aides were killed in an American.Iraqi operation on the border with Syria.

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