A coroner determined Tuesday (Tuesday) that Gabi Patito, the 22.year.old blogger who was allegedly murdered by her fiancée, died as a result of suffocation. Her partner, 23.year.old Brian Lundry, has been missing for more than a month while he is the main suspect.

The pathologist from Teton County in Wyoming, Brent Blue, who determined at the beginning of the autopsy that it was a murder, announced that the young woman was murdered about three to four weeks before her body was found, on September 19th.

Gabi Patito and Brian Lundry (Photo: Reuters)

As you may recall, about two weeks ago, Patito was brought for burial in her hometown, Long Island, New York. Many bouquets were placed near the coffin, candles were lit and pictures were hung of the young woman whose life had been cut off prematurely. Her father praised her and said his daughter was “the most amazing person he has ever known”, adding that she was “inspiring, loved life, enjoyed the beauty of the world, loved everyone and gave love”.

At the same time, a number of sources in the United States have offered a sum of about $ 30,000 to anyone who will help law enforcement locate Lundry, her fiancée, who is wanted by the FBI on suspicion of murder.

Memorial site about Patito (Photo: Reuters)Memorial site about Patito (Photo: Reuters)
Murder of Gabi Patito in the United States: caption on a car Murder of Gabi Patito in the United States: caption on a car “You will find Brian, Gabi deserves to be treated fairly” (Photo: REUTERS / Jeenah Moon)

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