The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade announced today that it has a number of objections to the planned solutions of the Belgrade metro, which may conclude “if you sit in a wrongly designed metro, all lines and stations will be wrong.”

This faculty believes that “the hasty implementation of the project should be stopped, all input data should be updated and the innovated General Project and Draft Plan should be drafted, which will include all domestic relevant scientific and professional institutions.”

“Having in mind the importance of this project for the city of Belgrade and the Republic of Serbia, as well as the value of the investment itself, the Faculty of Civil Engineering informed the highest state bodies about the objections,” it was stated in the announcement.

As it is added, the announcement was issued, because most of the media were not allowed to attend the recent public session of the Commission for Plans of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade on the Draft Plan for General Regulation of Rail Systems in Belgrade.

Dean Vladan Kuzmanović pointed out at the session that the intention of the Faculty of Civil Engineering is to point out numerous shortcomings of the proposed solution, with the sole goal of giving the citizens of Belgrade and all future metro users a system that will make sense and solve as many traffic problems as possible.

“The key to the problem arose when defining the project task, ie the input data for Smartplan. The project task is a document compiled by the investor. In this case, the work was led by the City of Belgrade, which defines the work of designers and planners,” warned Kuzmanović.

According to him, with the input parameters for making Smartplan, the city administration outlined the parts of the city that need to be developed: Makiško polje, Hippodrome, Port of Belgrade, Ada Huja, Block 18 and Block 26, and thus “directly predefined the corridor of the first metro line”.

It is added that the priority line was adopted by the Metro Commission, which also confirmed the list of major urban projects that designers must take into account when studying the metro.

“The result is a solution of the metro system in which one of the basic principles is the unblocking of the capital value of land owned by the city, ie earnings from the newly created value of land in the future, while the principles related to existing traffic problems are not even mentioned,” Kuzmanovic warned. it was conveyed in a statement.

The Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering estimated that the solution of the subway would be fundamentally different if the city administration defined the criteria as input data for Smartplan: reduction of traffic problems, transition from individual car trips to the subway or shortening the average travel length.

He stated that the Draft Plan for the General Regulation of Rail Systems in Belgrade was made on the basis of the Smartplan and the General Project, “without a critical review of these two documents”.

“Finally, Dean Kuzmanović pointed out that the City of Belgrade is not responsible for facilities such as the subway, ie that Article 133 of the Law on Planning and Construction has been violated, according to which the work of designing and building the subway, but from the level of the General Project with previous feasibility study , must be led by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure “, stated the Faculty of Civil Engineering.


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