The Special State Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro ordered the police to release two police officers detained last night on suspicion of allowing members of Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group to enter Montenegro at the end of last year, the Prosecutor’s Office announced today.

“After analyzing all the collected evidence, it was assessed that there is no grounded suspicion that AB and S. Dj, who were previously deprived of their liberty by order of the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, committed the criminal offense of abuse of office, so the Special Police Department was ordered to be released. freedom, “the SDT said in a statement.

Two police officers were arrested on suspicion that at the end of last year, they lifted the ban on members of the criminal group from Belgrade, Veljko Belivuk and Marko Miljković, from entering Montenegro, Podgorica media reported earlier today.

Belivuk and members of his criminal group were barred from entering Montenegro, but they were released to enter the country late last year.

The prosecution confirmed that it reacted and formed the case, acting on a criminal report by State Secretary in the Ministry of the Interior (MUP) Rado Milosevic, who filed a complaint against the SI border police officer on suspicion of abusing her official position by lifting the ban on criminal entry into Montenegro. groups to Belivuk and Miljković.

The official of the Ministry of the Interior, with the report, asks that the investigation show “who ordered the officials to illegally lift the ban on Belivuk”.

Belivuk and Miljkovic were banned from entering Montenegro due to “national and internal security”.

The special state prosecutor’s office suspects Belivuk and Miljković that they are part of a criminal group that killed two members of the opposing, scandalous drug clan, Damir Hodžić and Adis Spahić.

The prosecution announced that it will continue the process of reconnaissance and gathering evidence in connection with the lifting of the ban on entry into Montenegro for members of the criminal group Belivuka.

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