Former United States President Bill Clinton has been hospitalized in a California hospital with a blood infection, a spokeswoman for him confirmed during the night (Thursday-Friday). “His condition is improving, he is in a good mood and thanks the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who provide him with excellent care,” the spokeswoman added, “The infection from which the former president suffers is not related to Corona.”

He went to the hospital after feeling exhausted, and was diagnosed with a blood infection. CNN quoted the past president’s doctors as saying they believed the cause was urinary tract infection. “The former doctors’ personal doctors, Alpes Amin and Lisa Bardak, stated that the purpose of the hospitalization was close medical follow-up, and the administration of an infusion of antibiotics and fluids.”

The doctors treating him noted that he was beginning to recover from the inflammation, as after two days of treatment there was a decrease in the number of white blood cells in his tests, and that Clinton was responding well to the antibiotics he was receiving. “We hope he will be able to return home soon,” they added.

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