Milivojevic (DS): Hrkalovic’s arrest smokescreen to hide Belivuk.government ties

A member of the Main Board of the Democratic Party (DS), Srdjan Milivojevic, assessed that the arrest, search of the apartment and detention of former State Secretary in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dijana Hrkalovic was a “smokescreen” that should hide the direct connection of previously arrested Veljko Belivuk with the Serbian authorities.

“The arrest (of Diana Hrkalovic) without depriving other members of the organized criminal group, led by the leader of the ‘advanced’ mafia, of their liberty, is also proof that the state prosecutor’s office is not ready to deal with organized crime under the auspices of the ruling regime,” Milivojevic said in a statement.

According to him, the prosecution of Hrkalović for the murder in 2017, “about which investigative journalists gave all the details and which were pointed out by many opposition politicians, only confirms the extent to which the state of Serbia and its legal order have collapsed.”

“She was allegedly detained for involvement in the murder, which was commented on several months ago, all with videos of the same, by the president of the Serbian Progressive Party, Aleksandar Vucic, who is also the state polygraphist ‘number one’, Predrag Koluvija’s lawyer and the bankruptcy trustee of the Special Court. the authorities, however, did nothing because they were abducted and placed solely in defense of Vučić’s omnipotence, “Milivojevic said.

Former state secretary in the Ministry of the Interior, Diana Hrkalović, was arrested yesterday and criminal charges were filed against her for allegedly removing evidence, and after the hearing, detention for up to 30 days was proposed.

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