There is great concern among the countries that have signed the nuclear agreement with Iran. The reason: Iran is procrastinating.

Following talks in Tehran, Enrique Moreh, the EU’s deputy foreign policy chief and coordinator of nuclear talks, said a senior European official at a briefing in Brussels said Iran was not ready to return to talks and wanted to meet with its negotiating team led by Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagri. , With EU representatives in Brussels.

“They are not yet ready to reopen talks in Vienna, but I believe that the decision to return to Vienna to end the negotiations has already been made in Iran,” said EU Foreign Relations Commissioner Joseph Burrell after a meeting with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the talks in Brussels were not essential. “Time is pressing,” he added.

Burrell rejected the option of an “alternative plan” with Iran, proposed by the United States and Israel if Iran refused to return to talks to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

The West expected the Geneva talks to resume before the end of the month but feared that representatives of the new administration in Iran might take advantage of the talks to raise new demands beyond those agreed in the Geneva talks, before they were suspended.

A French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said all the signatories to the agreement, including the United States, called on Iran to return immediately to talks, which should be resumed before reaching a halt in June.

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