The house of the famous Thessaloniki warrior Dragutin Matić, better known as Oko sokolovo, in the village of Kaletinec in the municipality of Gadžin Han, will not be renovated as planned, but will be rebuilt on the foundations of his former home.

Workers of the company to which the works were entrusted have demolished the remains of the house these days and will build a new one, following the example of the one in which Matić was born in 1888.

Bojan Radenković, contractor on the condition of the house says:

“The house is in a very bad condition, it was prone to collapse, everything was destroyed. I am honored and pleased to build it myself because in 2015 I was on an expedition to Shkodra on the very same road where Matic went.”

The house will look the same as it did 100 years ago when it was built.

“The works are expected to be finished in about two months, maybe a little later, it all depends on the time. This endeavor is a bit more complex, it works with the ground, it’s specific. It has to be done on a floor and everything is made of wood,” he said. is Radenkovic.

Residents of Kaletinac, a village with only fifty inhabitants, still remember Matic, and one of them is Slobodan Stamenkovic.

“I was 12 years old, he was an idol for me. He was really a Thessaloniki scout,” Stamenkovic recalls.

Matic had a large family in Kaletinec and two or three hectares of land that the locals still cultivate.

The house in which Matić lived was a typical village folk house from the 19th century, and the municipality of Gadzin Han will invest five million dinars in its renovation.

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