At least eight people were killed and 12 are missing after a day of heavy rain in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

Rescue operations continued today after heavy rains that hit the country the day before, causing torrential floods and landslides, the Indian news agency PTI reported.

The National Disaster Response Force and the Indian Army have sent teams to help with the rescue in the two most affected areas, Kotayam and Iduki.

Television footage from yesterday when the rains started showed people moving through water high to their chests to save the passengers of a bus almost covered with torrential water on the road.

Officials said the rain had subsided but feared the death toll could rise as rescue operations continue.

Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah said that the government is monitoring the situation in Kerala and that it will provide all possible assistance to that country.

In 2018, Kerala was hit by catastrophic floods that coincided with the monsoon season when 223 people died and hundreds of thousands were forced to leave their homes.

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