– Decreasing turnout due to ballots in 65 municipalities in Italy. At 12 noon he had gone to vote for the direct election of mayors just over 10% of those entitled, against 12.57 in the first round. In Rome he voted 10.24% against 13.91 in the first round at the same time. In Turin the turnout is 8.74% from the previous 9.90%. In Trieste 11% voted.

The electoral appointment involves about 5 million voters and involves another 7 provincial capitals: Varese, Savona, Latina, Benevento, Caserta, Isernia and Cosenza.

Any voter will be able to go to the polls today from 7 to 23, and tomorrow, from 7 to 15.

In the first round the Movimento 5 Stelle has lost the three mayors in the capital municipalities where he won in 2016: Rome, Turin and Carbonia.

The center left, in its various articulations, he snatched from M5s Carbonia, with Pietro Morittu, and confirmed the municipalities of Milan (Beppe Sala), Rimini (Jamil Sadegholvaad), Salerno (Vincenzo Napoli), Naples (Gaetano Manfredi), Bologna (Matteo Lepore) and Ravenna (Michele De Pascale). In these last three municipalities the center-left and M5s ran as allies.

The center-right has so far confirmed the mayors of Pordenone (Alessandro Ciriani), Novara (Alessandro Canelli) and Grosseto (Antonfrancesco Vivarelli).

The ballots, except Benevento, I am between the center-right and the center-left.

In Trieste (where they compete Roberto Dipiazza and Francesco Russo), Savona, Isernia and Cosenza the outgoing mayor is center-right. Center-left in Varese and Caserta.

In Rome (where I am running Enrico Michetti and Roberto Gualtieri) and Turin (the challenge is between Stefano Lo Russo and Paolo Damilano) the outgoing mayor is from the 5 Star Movement.

In Benevento, the outgoing mayor is the centrist Clemente Mastella, which does not even have the support of Lega and FdI this year. Mastella runs to the ballot against Perifano (center left).

On 3 and 4 October the center right confirmed the Presidency of Calabria region (Roberto Occhiuto). The center left confirmed the deputy of Siena (Enrico Letta) and snatched from M5s that of Roma Primavalle (Andrea Casu).

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