Peter Marki-Zai is the candidate who will try to end the rule of Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Urban in next year’s general election after winning the decisive round in the United Opposition primaries to determine the candidate’s identity as prime minister.

Already at an early stage of the vote count in the vote that took place, it became clear that Marki-Zai had a significant advantage, receiving close to 60 percent over his rival, Clara Dobrev, who stood at about 40 percent. Marki-Zai’s most notable advantage was in the capital Budapest, but gradually he strengthened his power in the countryside as well.

As a result, when the count of less than 65 percent of all polls was completed, Dobrev had already admitted her loss and congratulated Marki-Zai. “From now on, we must discuss how the alliance of the six parties can defeat Victor Urban and dismantle his system,” she said. “We have a realistic chance and tremendous support.”

Speaking to his supporters tonight, Markie-Zai stressed the need to gain votes in the big cities and small villages to end Urban’s rule. He stated that the opposition had “purified itself” to bring in clean candidates who could “replace the most corrupt system in the history of Hungary”.

“We want a new, cleaner and more decent Hungary,” Marki-Zai said, expressing his confidence that the young voters would help bring about a coup against Urban and the Fidesh party. “Urban should be afraid of them, not me,” he declared. “Talk to your mother who supports Fiji, with a grandmother who supports Fiji.”

Marki-Zai (49), who has been mayor of Hodamzwashrahi since 2018 and is not affiliated with one of the parties, is a conservative economist and engineer, a father of seven and a devout Catholic who can appeal to Urban’s disappointed supporters but also came out against elites and corruption with messages addressed to Prime Minister opponents.

In the first round of voting last month, Marki-Zai came in third, but he won the support of the winner, Liberal Budapest Mayor Gregie Karaconi, who is considered the leading candidate to be elected as the opposition representative, and other candidates. The collaboration is intended to block Doverb, the Vice President of the European Parliament who is also the wife of former Prime Minister Franz Giorchan, who is considered a controversial figure who could have undermined opposition unity.

“Today, a revolution of modesty, love and patriotism is taking place in Hungary,” Karaconi declared alongside Marki-Zai at the gala event tonight, praising Doverb for acting as a “true democrat and patriot.” “Voters want a different opposition, one that is capable of coexistence and does not make bad compromises.” He added that “we want a government that wants to correct the mistakes, not just of the last decade, but of all the last 30 years.”

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