A boat owner from the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India became the regional hero after rescuing a baby who was found floating in a wooden crate on the Ganges River. Golu Chahudari tells the Indian media today (Thursday) that the 21-day-old’s cries caught his attention, prompting him to go check the sound source and surprisingly find a baby wrapped in a red scarf in a box decorated with pictures of Hindu gods. The baby was taken to a hospital to monitor her health, and once defined as healthy she will likely be sent to an orphanage.

Police said the box contained a birth horoscope card, which read the time and date of the baby’s birth. The card also mentioned the baby’s name – Ganga – the Hindu name for the Ganges River. Local government officials are now investigating how the baby reached the river, and have not yet found or reported the motives for its abandonment. Meanwhile, the regional government has announced that it will bear the costs of raising the baby, and Governor Yogi Aditianat has also announced that the boat owner who rescued the baby will receive government rewards, including a home, for showing “an unparalleled example of humanity.”


Chahondari told reporters that when people on the river bank heard the baby crying, no one stepped forward to help, but he hurried to the rescue. The incident caused a stir as a crowd gathered on the banks of the river to see the baby. In the videos taken at the scene, the sailor is seen with the box near the waters of the Ganges River and also cradles the tiny asshole in his arms. Chahudri still managed to take the baby to his home, from where she was picked up by the police and welfare officials at the hospital.

The “gender ratio” in India, or in other words – the ratio of girls in the country – is considered one of the worst in the world. Women are routinely discriminated against socially and girls are often seen as an economic burden, especially among poor communities. In general, cases of infants being killed or abandoned immediately after birth are not uncommon in India, and reportedly inBBCMost women who get an unwanted pregnancy and have a female fetus, have an abortion with the help of underground clinics.

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