A “pyromaniac fireman” is accused in France of deliberately setting wildfires

The suspect, who worked as a volunteer firefighter, has confessed to starting wildfires in May and July. As motives, he has said, among other things, his bad family conditions and the search for excitement.

in France a man who worked as a volunteer firefighter has admitted that he intentionally started three different wildfires, the news agency AFP reports.

A man living in the Hérault region was arrested on Wednesday. Prosecutor of Montpellier Fabrice Belargent said in the news release that the man has admitted to setting fires on May 26 and July 21 and July 26-27. on the day

According to Belargent, the man had said that the reason for his act was that the rescue service would have to start extinguishing operations, as a result of which he would be able to get out of his bad family conditions himself. In addition, lighting the fires “awakened him enthusiasm”, the prosecutor said according to AFP.

“He called it adrenaline – these are his own words. He also said that he needed social recognition.”

The man was working full-time as a forest ranger, and his job description, ironically, also included wildfire prevention. The man’s lawyer told the BMF TV television channel that the man feels deep remorse and is ashamed of the events.

The suspect has also apologized to the rescue authorities and firefighters, whom he calls “one big family”.

“It’s sickening that we have such an individual in our organization,” a former firefighter Ludovic Pinganaud told BFM.

If the man is convicted, he can face up to 15 years in prison and fines of 150,000 euros.

Other wildfires in France are also suspected of being deliberately set. Two of the wildfires were set in Brittany, northwestern France, last week, according to prosecutors. According to the prosecutors, experts have found the ignition points of the fires and concluded that they were started by people. The third fire was started in the Gironde of southwestern France near the village of Landiras.

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