Brazil’s Senate Commission of Inquiry today (Wednesday) officially recommended an indictment against the president Jair Bolsonero On a series of offenses, including crimes against humanity, due to its functioning in the face of the Corona plague, but refrained at the last minute from also including offenses of genocide. Voting on the report will take place next week.

After nearly six months of work, the senator Henan Clahros Presented the dramatic findings of the commission of inquiry to members of the Senate. They include recommendations for indictments against 68 individuals, including Bolsonero, his three sons Eduardo, Carlos and Flavio, four incumbent government ministers and four former ministers, members of Congress, businessmen, medical professionals, advisers and other personalities.

The charges that Clahros presented against Bolsonero are crimes against humanity, incitement to crime, negligence, death-causing epidemic, violation of preventive sanitation, fraud, forgery of documents, irregular management of public funds and crimes of responsibility for violation of social rights and incompetence. The original wording of the report also included sections of genocide and murders, however they were removed due to disagreements between Clahros and his colleagues on the committee.

“After six months of intensive work, the epidemic investigation gathered evidence showing that the federal government remained silent and chose to act technically and irresponsibly in the fight against the corona plague,” said Clahros, who accused the government of exposing the population to the risk of infection and promoting a herd vaccination idea.

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According to Clahros, President Bolsonero encouraged residents to gather and not wear masks in violation of preventive measures and accused the president and his sons of “publishing a number of posts encouraging non-compliance with preventive measures and focusing several times on inciting crime.” “Jair Bolsonero is a leader and spokesman for misleading media,” he declared.

The vote on the report will only take place next Tuesday and it is estimated that Bolsonero’s majority in the lower house and his support in the Senate will thwart the removal efforts. The senator, too Marcus Rogerio, One of Bolsonero’s loyalists, was quick to declare today that the Senate has no authority to prosecute the president. Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Omar Aziz, Rejected the position of the ruling party. “The president will be questioned because there is a lot of evidence about his conduct,” he said, noting that “the president has committed many crimes and he will pay for them.”

The tough report could play a major role in next year’s presidential election, with Bolsonero already lagging behind in polls after his main rival, former president Lola da Silva, who was released after serving 19 months in prison for corruption. Polls also show that more than half of the population is dissatisfied with Bolsonero’s conduct, with Brazil recording the second highest death toll in the world from the corona virus, after the US.

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