Navalni assumes the “responsibility” of receiving the Sakharov, dedicating it to those who fight against corruption

The Russian opponent Alexei Navalni thanked this Thursday for the Sakharov 2021 prize he received a day before the European Parliament, assuming such an award as a “responsibility” and dedicating it to all those who fight against corruption.

“When awards are received, everyone always says that ‘it is a great honor’, and it is true, but I feel that this is not only an honor, but also a great responsibility,” Navalni said from his Twitter account.

“I dedicate my award to all anti-corruption fighters around the world, from journalists to lawyers, from officials (there are some, yes) and deputies to those who take to the streets to support this fight. I wish you perseverance and courage even in the moments more terrifying “, has expressed.

“The Sakharov Prize is awarded by the European Parliament to those who have ‘made outstanding contributions in the fight for Human Rights around the world’ and I am just one of those many who fight against corruption,” cause, he said, ” poverty and degradation of States “, as well as” the main threat “to individual freedoms.

“‘Money loves silence’, like those who throw people into prisons around the world, torture them, deprive them of the right to a fair trial and fair elections, they love to repeat,” paraphrases a Navalni who has not been forgotten to thank “especially for this award to the European People’s Party and the liberal parliamentary group Renew.”

“I am very grateful to the European Parliament for so valuing our work. We will continue to do our best (…). To the European himself as an institution, I mean – and dare I say not only on my behalf, but also in that of many others – thank you very much for creating this award and for naming it after a great compatriot, “he said.

On Wednesday the European Parliament granted Navalni this award that rewards freedom of conscience in recognition of his fight for Human Rights and freedoms, in this case, in Russia, whose authorities have regretted that he has been granted this recognition, fruit, they say, of not having “truthful information about the history of this prisoner.”

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has thus transferred that “such decisions substantially devalue the meaning of the words ‘Sakharov Prize’. We know the European Parliament and we respect this body, without a doubt, but no one can force us to respect such decisions,” he said. said at a press conference.

Poisoned in the summer of 2020, treated for months in a German hospital and imprisoned on his return to Russia, Navalni is the main opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has persecuted his circle of collaborators and outlawed his foundations.

Navalni received the support of the European People’s Party and Renew’s liberals and has finally beaten a group of Afghan women and former Bolivian president Jeanine Áñez in the race for the Sakharov Prize.

The Sakharov Prize, named after the Soviet scientist and dissident Andrei Sakharov, was established by the European Parliament in 1988. Sakharov, one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb, was known for his opposition to nuclear testing, for advocating for the abolition of capital punishment and for his defense of Human Rights. In 1975 he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

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