The United States military and navy have been testing a prototype of a “Hyper Sony” missile, Reuters reported today (Thursday). According to the report, the experiment included three stages and was declared successful. As you may recall, Russia claimed last Tuesday that the United States is conducting an experiment with this type of missile.

The report on the U.S. experiment comes after it was reported earlier this week that last August China conducted a similar missile test last August that managed to orbit the Earth before accelerating toward the target it was aiming for. It was also reported that the US intelligence services were very surprised by the missile’s performance. The President Joe Biden, Expressed concern over the Chinese experiment, but said that “the United States welcomes the tough military competition.”

Also, in late September North Korea announced a similar missile test it was producing. State media said the new Osung 8 missile was “one of the most important in the country’s military development program.” It was also referred to as a “strategic weapon”, a term commonly used for missiles with nuclear capabilities and claimed that the experiment was designed to strengthen Pyongyang’s defense capabilities.

Ballistic test in North Korea (Photo: REUTERS / Kim Hong-Ji)

The Korean Central News Agency confirmed that the experiment was designed to test the “navigation control and stability of the missile.” A senior state official told the local news agency that “the development of this weapons system has increased the state’s capabilities to defend itself in all respects.” Kim Jong Un announced last January that scientists in the country had completed a study in the development of new warheads. North Korea’s recent experiments indicate that it is increasing the pace of development of its weapons programs.

“Hyper-Sunni missiles,” according to reports, are actually cruise missiles capable of flying at speeds that exceed 5 times the speed of sound (Mach). Unlike a ballistic missile, a hyper-Sony missile can navigate during its flight. According to Jains Information magazine, the Chinese missile can also carry a conventional or nuclear warhead and experts estimate that it may pose a threat to American aircraft carriers.

In 2017, the U.S. Rand Institute reported that the U.S., North Korea and China have accelerated the race to develop such combat systems.

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