Hundreds of firemen are still battling embers from a forest fire in Saxon Switzerland

On Friday, hundreds of firemen were still battling the forest fire that started in Saxon Switzerland over a week ago. According to a spokesman for the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains area in the morning, some 600 firefighters are anticipated to be deployed once more, similar to the previous day. This number of ground forces was added on Thursday.

According to the district, the situation is still tight and calls for the full range of emergency services. The embers and isolated flames that had been sparked by the heat were still being put out by the ground soldiers and fire-fighting helicopters.

In order to combat the fire in the higher areas of the national park, the district reports that almost two kilometers of hose lines were also placed on Thursday.

The forest fire was contained to the already damaged regions, but it still burned through about 150 hectares of land. Because residential areas were still not in danger, the district decided against ordering evacuations.

The second week of the firefighting effort began on Monday. On July 24, a fire started in the Czech National Park Bohemian Switzerland before spreading to German soil. (AFP)

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