Baku sent a “decisive complaint” to London

On August 5, the charge d’affaires of Great Britain in Azerbaijan was summoned to the country’s foreign ministry, and Baku’s “decisive complaint” regarding the attack of Iranian extremist activists on the Azerbaijani embassy in London was delivered to him.

“This provocation seriously exposes the problem of ensuring the security of the diplomatic mission, and the receiving country must take security measures in accordance with its international legal obligations,” the Azerbaijani diplomatic department said in a statement.

According to the source, Baku demanded the British authorities to “thoroughly investigate the vandalism and bring the culprits to justice.”

According to official sources, yesterday a group of extremist activists attacked the Azerbaijani embassy in Great Britain, took out religious flags and made extremist appeals from the balcony of the embassy.

“The police took them out of the building and arrested them. British law enforcement agencies will investigate what happened, additional information about the investigation will be provided,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan reported.

By Editor