Activist of the movement Let’s Not Drown Belgrade (NDMBGD), Radomir Lazović, stated that the focus of this movement is primarily on Belgrade and the city elections, but that there are great chances that they will also go to the republic elections.

On the occasion of the presidential elections, he told H1 Television that the NDMBGD is ready to discuss the presidential candidate with other opposition parties and see what the ideas of other organizations are.

“What is important to us is that there is openness and a constructive approach that we have in joint action,” said Lazovic.

He pointed out that it is difficult for him to declare himself “about the photo-robot” of the future opposition candidate, as well as that the NDMBGD does not agree with other parties on some issues.

He adds that they are ready to support the one who has the highest chances of success.

He emphasized that if the right person is not found, the NDMBGD will also consider offering someone.

He added that the majority in the NDMBGD believes that it is necessary in the elections to demand that the free will of the citizens be transferred to the council seats in Belgrade.

Lazović pointed out that the first goal of the NDMBGD was to overthrow Vučić, and, as he stated, “then – let everyone who can work together unite.”

The key, he added, is to encourage a large number of people to go to the polls and change the regime.

He said that the support of the NDMBGD in Belgrade was more than doubled and that he would give everything that could change the regime.

“Belgrade can be the first step towards that,” he said.

According to Lazović, Belgrade is a very important brick in the wall, after which many things are possible.

He reminded that NDMBGD will start the race for Belgrade together with the organizations of Nebojsa Zelenovic and Aleksandar Jovanovic Zuta.

He added that they were talking to the representatives of the “Solidarity” Movement and the Roma Forum.


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