Manojlović: REM’s reasoning on the allocation of national frequencies is blind

Savo Manojlović, campaign director of the “Go-change” initiative, said tonight that he was surprised by the “callousness” of the explanation of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) that Pink, Happy, Prva and B92 more than other televisions justified the benefits for viewers in the whole country.

Manojlovic told Newsmax Adria that REM’s position on the allocation of national frequencies to Pink, Happy, Prva and B92 televisions is the same “as if you chose Nero, who burned all of Rome, as the head of the fire service in Italy, and you say that you expect him to fight fire”.

“That would be an equally relevant explanation, as well as expecting the Pink, Hepi, B92, Prva, Željko Mitrović and Milomir Marić television stations to have an objective program based on political pluralism,” Manojlović added.

He assessed that after REM’s decision on the allocation of national frequencies, only the legal way remains, that is, that now the “ball” is on the legal teams of the television stations that participated in the competition for the national frequency, but did not receive it.

“The legal path is first a lawsuit to the Administrative Court, then an appeal to the Constitutional Court. Since that probably won’t yield results, the next instance is Strasbourg (European Court of Human Rights). Does it take a long time? Yes, it does,” he said.

Manojlović emphasized that the public will have to continue to exert pressure regarding violations of the law, both on television and on institutions.

By Editor