The Thai Tourist Board in Israel announced this evening (Thursday) that restrictions on the entry of vaccinated tourists from 46 countries around the world – including Israel – will be lifted from November 1, 2021.

According to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, vaccinated citizens of Israel will be able to enter Thailand without the need for isolation, except for a stay at a hotel – until the corona test (PCR) results are obtained when landing in the country.

To enter Thailand, tourists will be required to present a vaccination certificate, the results of a PCR test conducted in Israel in the 72 hours before take-off, and medical travel insurance that covers hospitalization related to Corona. Entrants will also be required to present a one-night booking at a state-authorized hotel – in order to wait at this hotel for the results of the caravan inspection. The cost of checking the corona on landing will be included in the price of the hotel booked.

Bangkok, Koh Samui and Ko Phi Phi will open

According to an earlier list published in the local press – most of the popular areas among Israelis will be opened. These include Bangkok, Koh Samui, Ko Pha Ngan, Phuket, Pattaya and Krabi (including Ko Phi Phi).

Israelis will be able to return, the shores of Phuket | Photo: Slavik Yachin

“Opening Thailand to tourism will undoubtedly lead to a surge in the number of Israeli tourists to Thailand, especially ahead of the upcoming tourist season, where the weather in Thailand is ideal for spending time in coastal areas and other parts of the country,” explained Dov Kalman, Thailand’s tourism bureau representative.

Kalman added: “Since Thailand opened to tourism in July this year, 6,251 Israelis have entered it – which puts Little Israel in second place in tourist arrivals, ahead of only the United States. This indicates the great love of Israelis for Thailand, and no doubt many more Israelis will choose to spend the coming winter. A ‘summer’ vacation in Thailand. “

Thailand can be reached today, easily and at affordable prices, via El Al direct flights to Bangkok and Phuket, as well as via the Etihad and Emirates airlines – via Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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