SSP: The data on 20 murdered women is the pinnacle of shame for all women ministers in the Government of Serbia

The Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) assessed today that the data on 20 women killed since the beginning of the year in domestic and partner violence “is the pinnacle of shame and negligence on the part of the Serbian government, as well as all women ministers.”

In a statement, the SSP asked Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, President of the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality Zorana Mihajlović and all women in the Serbian government, “to step out of the role of commentators and do the work they are paid for”.

The data on 20 murdered women “over which Mihajlović is horrified these days is the height of shame and negligence of the Serbian government, but also of all women ministers who have done nothing to raise the prevention of this type of violence to the maximum level,” said that party.

They pointed out that the opposition, during the adoption of the new Act on the Prevention of Domestic Violence in 2016, warned that the then-promoted key provision on faster decision-making on restraining orders would mean nothing, “if the abuser is not followed further through the system, and high-risk cases are under full supervision.” police”.

They added that they were warned about it “precisely because such violent people are returnees with a higher degree of violence every time”.

“The proponent at the time, Nela Kuburović, remained deaf to all the appeals of the opposition that the “rights” of abusers to see children in the premises of centers for social work cannot come before the right to life of children and mothers in high-risk situations, because centers for social work are not even capable , and not even trained to prevent a violent person with fatal intent,” the SSP stated.

They also reminded that “immediately after the adoption of the law, a man killed a woman and a child in the middle of the Center for Social Work in Rakovica.”

The SSP asks Brnabić and Mihajlović to urgently initiate an amendment to the Law on Prevention of Domestic Violence.

That party believes that the changes should enable “registered abusers to be under special supervision by the police, not social workers” who, as they stated, are often themselves victims of abusers in the cases they lead.

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