US State Department spokesman Ned Price this evening (Friday) referred to the Israeli declaration of six civilian organizations in Judea and Samaria as terrorist organizations, announced earlier today by Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, and said the United States would demand clarification from Israel regarding this declaration.

“We will ask the Israeli government for clarification regarding the basis for declaring six Palestinian civilian organizations terrorist organizations. Israel has not given the United States an early warning about this move. We think that respect for human rights is an important principle, “he said.

Price went on to say: “The United States is concerned about the Israeli government’s intention to approve construction in settlements next week, including in the depths of the West Bank. “Unilateral marches should be avoided and this includes construction in the settlements and retroactive training of illegal outposts.”

Ned Price (Photo: Reuters)
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Price’s remarks follow Defense Minister Bnei Gantz’s announcement earlier today that it had declared six Popular Front organizations in Judea and Samaria terrorist organizations. This, at the end of a joint activity of the GSS and the National Headquarters for Economic Warfare against Terrorism, which was approved by the legal authorities.

These are the Organizations of the Women’s Committee, the Alchemir Legal Institute, the Bissan Research Institute, the Alhak Organization, the World Movement for Child Protection – Palestine Branch (DCI-P) and the Agricultural Activities Committee (UAWC). These organizations are part of a network of organizations that operate under cover in the international arena on behalf of the Popular Front, in order to support its activities and advance its goals.

According to the Ministry of Defense, these organizations operated under the guise of “civil society organizations”, but in practice belong to the organization’s leadership, whose goal is to destroy Israel while taking terrorist acts. The declared organizations are controlled by senior members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and employ many Haza activists in field and management positions, including operatives who were involved in terrorist activities.

These bodies serve as a cover for promoting and financing the activities of the Popular Front Organization. In accordance with the guidelines of the organization’s headquarters, which will be assigned to the organization for security reasons related to the fear of enforcement measures being taken by security bodies in Israel and around the world.

In terms of funding, these organizations, which are controlled by the IDF, serve as a major source for funding the organization’s activities as a whole and play a significant role in building the power and empowerment of the terrorist organization. These funds were used by the Haza for payments to families of security prisoners and “martyrs”, salaries for activists, recruitment of activists, promotion of terrorist activity and intensification, promotion of the activities of the Popular Front in Jerusalem and dissemination of messages and ideology of the organization.

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said: “Security organizations will continue to act and intensify the damage to terrorism and the terrorist infrastructure everywhere, and by all means. I call on the countries and organizations of the world, to assist in this fight, and to avoid contact with companies and organizations that supply the combustion materials to terrorism.”

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