Diplomats from 30 Islamic countries visited Xinjiang

According to the China Media Group (CMG), from August 1 to 4, ambassadors from 30 Islamic nations visited the northwest Chinese region of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region at the request of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

While at Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, Kashgar, and Aksu, diplomats from Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and Pakistan learned about the economic and social growth of the area.

According to CMG, the diplomats observed Xinjiang’s successes in terms of social stability, economic development, bettering people’s lives, religious peace, and cultural prosperity.

According to Hassan Rabehi, the ambassador of Algeria to China, “the fruit here is very sweet, much like the lives of the people here,” adding that during this tour he learned more about the actual situation in Xinjiang and that the rights of all ethnic groups are upheld.

According to Hassan Rabehi, Algeria wants to work more closely with Xinjiang on building infrastructure, developing modern agriculture, advancing education, and conducting scientific research.

The ambassador of Saudi Arabia to China, Abdulrahman Ahmad H. Alharbi, claimed that Xinjiang has made incredible progress and that relations with the rest of the world are improving.

The envoy claims that Saudi Arabia is ready to keep up its investments in science, technology, and other fields as well as its cooperation with Xinjiang.

Pehin Dato Rahmani, the ambassador of Brunei to China, stated that Xinjiang has made remarkable advancements in development, that people from all ethnic groups coexist peacefully here and have the freedom to practice their religions as they please, and that the quality of life for locals has improved, according to CMG.

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