RZS: More than 40,000 candidates applied for the enumerator job

More than 40,000 candidates applied for the job of enumerator in the upcoming census of population, households and apartments in Serbia, which will be conducted from October 1 to 31, the Republic Statistical Office (RZS) announced today.

The ranking list of registered candidates for enumerators, by municipalities/cities and populated areas, will be published on August 10, at 4:00 p.m., on the websites stat.gov.rs and popis2022.stat.gov.rs, the announcement specified.

The time and place of the test will be announced in addition to the name and surname of the candidates who are invited to the computer proficiency test.

Enumerators are hired for the period from September 23 to October 31, and as previously announced, 15,000 enumerators will be needed for field implementation, however, the RGZ plans to receive 20,000 people, who will go through training for field implementation, given that it is necessary to have a sufficient number of reserve enumerators.

The preliminary list of candidates is published on August 20, and the final ranking list of candidates invited for training is published on August 26.

It is planned that the selected enumerators will attend five-day trainings in the period from August 29 to September 16 and get a detailed introduction to the Guide for enumerators and work in the data collection application.

Also, they will tour the field with the instructor before the census begins.

Contracts on the performance of temporary and occasional jobs (unemployed persons, part-time employed persons, old-age pensioners) or Contracts on supplementary work (persons employed full-time by another employer) are signed with poll workers.

Candidates, citizens of Serbia of legal age, can apply for work only in the territory of the municipality or city where they have registered residence or stay, while students, who study outside their place of residence, can apply for work in their municipality or city or in the local self-government in which they temporarily live during their studies.

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