The Party of Freedom and Justice (SAA) demanded today to stop the “mass and non-selective supervision and control” of the citizens of Novi Sad, which introduces the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) into the “Orwellian scenario”.

“In recent days, the worrying news that JKP ‘Tržnica’ bought cameras with biometric facial recognition software, which also contains a database containing thousands of personal data of visitors to the Novi Sad market, has resonated in Novi Sad. The entire surveillance system is now operational in Futoška, ​​Limanska. and Nylon Market, “the SAA city board said.

As the party warned, biometric processing of personal data in public spaces has no legal basis and any contrary behavior carries criminal responsibility of the perpetrator.

“JKP ‘Tržnica’ confirmed that it procured such equipment, but also pointed out that the advanced functions of the control system will not be used, although few really believe in that,” said SSP and assessed it as a move in further installation of smart cameras throughout the city.

The SAA demands that JKP Tržnica urgently remove the new video surveillance system from the public space, and calls on the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, to disclose the real intention regarding the supervision and control of all Novi Sad residents.

“With this action, Novi Sad is openly introduced into the Orwellian scenario. There is no guarantee that the SNS will not peek into the privacy of the citizens of Novi Sad at the first opportunity. We ask Mayor Miloš Vučević why civil rights are violated in Novi Sad,” said Danijela, president of the Novi Sad City Board. Grujic, that party reported.

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