Shark attack in the Bahamas – Boy (8) shouted: “Dad, I don’t want to die”

He shouted, “Dad, I don’t want to die” |

Boy (8) attacked by sharks in the Bahamas

Horror accident in the Bahamas!

A British family flew away on what was supposed to be a dream summer holiday last week – but eight-year-old Finley Downer experienced a nightmare in the island paradise: he was attacked by several sharks while bathing.

The father and three children had booked an island excursion that included swimming with nurse sharks. They then saw a large crowd in a lagoon. Right in the middle: a school of sharks.

The children wanted to swim and admire the predatory fish. But what they didn’t know: the nurse sharks were lured into the lagoon with fish waste and ate between the legs of the tourists.

Shortly after the children entered the water, Michael Downer, Finley’s father, heard horrified screams coming from the lagoon. He told the British tabloid „The Sun“: “Suddenly I saw dozens of sharks circling Finley. There was so much blood. Parts of his leg were hanging in tatters.”

Finley was pulled from the sea by his sister Lilly. He kept saying, “Dad, I don’t want to die. Dad, I don’t want to go to heaven.”

He was taken to the nearest hospital in a golf buggy. A little later, his father booked a flight to Nassau, where the eight-year-old’s wounds were treated in a three-hour operation.

The Downers are now home, but Finley is still in a wheelchair. Doctors say he will retain two large scars.

Father Michael is upset that the tour guides assured them there was no danger bathing with the nurse sharks: “My son could have been killed. It was like a scene from Jaws.”

However, the tour operator explained that the family went without a guide into a lagoon that was not planned for the tour. In addition, nurse sharks are actually good-natured – as long as they are not provoked or otherwise mistreated. This also includes the fact that the animals should not be lured with fish remains.

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