The 65th anniversary of the outbreak of the Hungarian uprising against the Soviet Union today provided the opening shot for the struggle between Prime Minister Victor Urban and the united opposition ahead of the upcoming elections. Urban accused “strong international players” of running the opposition and of his opponents competing “who will be the governor on behalf of Brussels and George Soros”. “It is a significant force that millions of Hungarians can defeat together and expel from the country,” he read. “Anyone who has tried to bite us so far has lost his teeth.”

Peter Marki-Zai, who was elected this week as the opposition bloc’s candidate for prime minister, warned that Urban and his supporters would try to use deception and lies to stay in power. “Victor Urban’s friends and family are also fighting for freedom and they will do everything to stay free,” Marki-Zai said, hinting at the possibility of legal proceedings being opened against them in the event of a coup.

He also compared the events of 1956 to contemporary reality. “The revolution of that period was a revolution of a few, just as it is today, because you are the few and you can defeat any enemy,” he declared. “Hungary will finally be the country I love, a country where skin color or origin will not determine the trajectory of life. Even Fiji’s politicians will be able to apply their homosexuality because there will be nothing to be ashamed of.”

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