Lutovac (DS): Through dialogue without Europeans, the government is sending a message to its voters
The President of the Democratic Party (DS) Zoran Lutovac assessed today in Belgrade that the inter-party dialogue without the mediation of MEPs serves to send a message to the majority of voters of the current government that the government makes decisions independently, without suggestions from the European Parliament.“It is a continuation of addressing everyone and voters who are pro-European and those who are anti-European, and most of his (Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić’s voters) is exactly that, anti-European and accepts Europe as a necessary evil,” Lutovac told Beta before the session. at the Vlada Divljan Cultural Center.

According to him, that second dialogue was made to “make the dialogue with the MEPs meaningless”, as well as to “diminish the significance of that conversation”.

The president of the DS assessed that Vučić, on the one hand, broadcasts a message to Brussels that he is pro-European, while “as soon as they turn their backs, he tells a completely different, anti-European story.”

“And this is exactly the story. As soon as the MEPs turn their backs, he makes a parallel story, without the influence of foreigners, as they say, with a clear intonation that the presence of foreigners is undesirable,” Lutovac said.

After today’s inter-party dialogue without the presence of MEPs, Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic said that “an agreement in principle has been reached on the text of the agreement to improve the election conditions that the participants could sign next week”.

The Democratic Party is considering going to the polls today

At today’s session of the Main Board, the Democratic Party (DS) will consider going to the upcoming elections, and the president of that party, Zoran Lutovac, said that the final decision will be made at the moment when they estimate that it is the most expedient.

“The Main Board will discuss this (the decision to go to the polls) and we will see if the Main Board decides to transfer that authority to the party presidency, as has happened many times, so that the decision is made when we estimate that it is the most expedient “, Lutovac told the Beta agency before the beginning of the session in the Belgrade Cultural Center” Vlada Divljan “.

According to him, the decision will be made in cooperation with other parties, and he estimated that the mood in which direction the decision will be made will be seen at the session itself.

Several opposition parties, including the Democratic Party, the Freedom and Justice Party, the People’s Party, the Free Citizens’ Movement and the Movement for Change, said earlier that the decision on whether to go to the polls and be on a joint list would be known by the end of October. .

In his address at the session of the Main Board, Lutovac said that the main target groups of that party were “disappointed voters of democratic parties”.

He pointed out that the goal of that party is to enable citizens to be “active participants and creators of their present and future” and that it is necessary to find a solution to reach apathetic voters, who, according to some research, are “about 50 percent”.

“We cannot influence eternal abstainers, they simply, each for their own reasons, do not want to go to the polls, to deal with politics, no matter how much politics has dealt with them,” Lutovac said.

According to him, “anti-party members” can be influenced by non-party personalities, and he emphasized the importance of cooperation between the DS and its Civic Democratic Club and the Assembly of Free Serbia.

“They can motivate anti-party members to get involved in political life,” Lutovac said.


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