Former Russian TV news anchor Marina Ovsjannikova, who called Putin a murderer, is under house arrest

Former news anchor Ovsjannikova is known for her protest in March, where she showed a sign with the text “No war” on live broadcast.

Former Russian TV news anchor Marina Ovsyannikova was ordered to house arrest in Moscow until October. He faces up to ten years in prison, the newspaper said The Moscow Times kertoo.

Ovsjannikova was arrested on Wednesday. He is suspected of passing on, according to the administration, incorrect information about the war in Ukraine.

Ovsjannikova was ordered to hear the decision on her arrest in a glass booth. His lawyer commented on the Telegram app that even the worst serial killer in the Soviet Union Andrei Tsikatilo was just as closely guarded at his trial, the Moscow Times reported.

In July, 44-year-old Ovsyannikova held a sign in her hands near the Kremlin that said “Putin is a murderer and his soldiers are fascists.” He had placed three “bloody” dolls at his feet.

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Ovsyannikova gained worldwide attention in March when he spoke out against Russia’s war on live television. He held a sign in his hands that read “No war” in the Vremja program of the main television news broadcast.

On Thursday, Ovsjannikova had a sign that read “May dead children haunt you in your dreams.”

Ovsjannikova was fined after the March demonstration.

Ovsjannikova worked for three months in Germany at Die Welt magazine. However, he returned to Russia at the beginning of July to settle the custody issues of his two children.

After his return, he published articles criticizing the government on the internet and supported a well-known president Vladimir Putin critic Lev Yashinia in a trial where he is accused of criticizing the war started by Russia.

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