Two Pakistani citizens were arrested today (Sunday) in Cyprus on suspicion of belonging to a cell that planned to attack Israelis in the country, the local newspaper “Politis” reported. According to the report, the police also located a gun that was hidden by one of the suspects in a hotel in the city and now the suspicion is that he belongs to the Azeri citizen who was arrested last month under the same circumstances.

It was also reported that photos of the destinations they were following were found on the phones of the two. Also, in the apartment building in Lamisol where they lived, clothes with the logo of a food distribution company were also found. Local police said they did not rule out that the two tried to hit the same targets while impersonating the same company employees. Later in the day they will be brought to court for a request to extend their detention.

At the same time, the court in Nicosia extended the detention of the Azeri citizen with the Russian passport who was arrested about a month ago for another eight days. The suspect’s lawyer objected to the extension of detention and claimed that his confession was obtained through torture, but the court rejected his claims and extended his detention, based on additional evidence.

The Prime Minister’s Office referred to the affair and claimed that “this is a terrorist incident directed by Iran against Israeli businessmen living in Cyprus. This is not a criminal incident.”

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