Afraid of procrastination?  Iran’s special envoy warns: “We are at a critical stage”

The special envoy to Iran, Robert Mali, announced today (Monday) that the nuclear talks have reached a “critical stage” in his method, and warned against taking action against Iran if it continues to drag on. EU: “Nuclear talks with Iran must return as soon as possible” (Photo: Reuters)

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi said yesterday that the West was unable to reach a decision on resuming nuclear talks between Tehran and the powers. He said his country remained committed to the agreement, but America and the Europeans remained stuck as they failed to make a decision. In Paris, talks took place over the weekend between Mali and representatives of France, Germany and Britain over the prospect of resuming negotiations on the return of Iran and the United States to the nuclear deal and the assessment of the situation that has arisen.

Ibrahim Raisi (Photo: Reuters)

About two weeks ago, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman announced in an interview with AFP that the country had decided to return to nuclear talks, but did not specify a specific date. This announcement was preceded by other similar statements made by senior Iranian officials, who were reluctant to give a specific date for a return to talks, and therefore Mali noted that Iran was “time consuming”.

Also, senior officials in the Biden administration recently sent a message to Israel that if all diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran failed, the United States would be willing to act “in other ways” to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. According to the sources, Israel and the United States will share intelligence information with each other, in order to base an estimate on the amount of time it will take for the Iranian nuclear program to advance to the next stages.

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