Western ambassadors to Turkey have “withdrawn” and will be “more cautious in the future”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today and gave up the expulsion of 10 diplomats he threatened because of their support for imprisoned philanthropist Osman Kavala.

“Our intention was not to provoke a crisis,” but to protect Turkey’s sovereign rights, Erdogan said.

Ten ambassadors from the United States, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden called in a joint statement on October 18 for a “quick and fair solution” to Osman Kavala, who has been in prison since 2017. years.

Erdogan interpreted this as an “attack” and an “insult” to the Turkish judiciary in a statement after a meeting of his government.

“It was my task for the head of state to give the necessary answer,” the Turkish president added, adding that Turkish courts do not receive orders from anyone.

“Their new statement shows that they have withdrawn,” Erdogan said after 10 countries confirmed in statements that they were acting “in accordance with Article 41 of the Vienna Convention” which regulates diplomatic relations and prohibits any interference in the host country’s internal affairs.

Erdogan announced on Saturday that he ordered the expulsion of those 10 diplomats as soon as possible, although that announcement was not accompanied by an official notification sent to the given countries.//

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