MUP: Columns in Lučko and Demerje have nothing to do with the match in Maksimir

At the Demerja toll booths on Saturday, there was a collapse in traffic, and drivers in the crowds waited for up to two hours. Apart from Demerje, the collapse also occurred in Lučki.

After the collapse due to crowds at the Demerje toll booths on Saturday, according to citizens, it was due to increased police surveillance ahead of the SuperSport HNL 5th round football match between GNK Dinamo and HNK Hajduk, which the police declared to be high risk.

Citizens stated that the police checked all vehicles with license plates coming from Dalmatia, but the MUP denied these allegations.

– Columns at National Park Lučko and Demerje are not the result of match security measures. Considering the date and the number of tourists staying in Croatia, the queues on AC A1 were formed throughout the day. The police warned about the possibility of crowds and columns yesterday – the MUP said on Twitter.

Earlier, the Zagreb PU wrote on the official website that this match was declared a high-risk match and accordingly, the police will take all security measures throughout the day with a sufficient number of police officers.

– In order to maintain a favorable state of public order and peace during the journey to and from the match, as well as the undisturbed playing of the football match, the police will undertake measures and actions within their jurisdiction – the Zagreb Police Department wrote.

Earlier, HAK also issued warnings about traffic jams.

– Columns in motion and stoppages between the Jastrebarsko and Lučko junctions in the direction of Zagreb, increased flow of vehicles at the Donja Zdenčina and Jastrebarsko tolls; before the Demerja toll in the direction of Zagreb, the queue is about 8 km, and before the Lučko toll about 2 km – HAK reported.

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