“If Israel supports a coup in Sudan – state relations or normalization will be in real danger”

The military coup in Sudan is causing a worldwide uproar, and the United States has announced that it will suspend the planned aid of NIS 700 million to the country. U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price also made it clear that in light of the coup, the progress of normalization between Israel and Sudan should be considered. Overnight it was reported that seven people were killed and 140 were injured during the anti-coup protests. Ron Munis, a socio-political activist, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on their program on 103FM and updated in detail.

Regarding what is happening in the country, Munis said that “what is happening there is simply appalling, the army is declaring a state of emergency, the abolition of all government institutions in the country and especially civilian government institutions. People were also killed during the night.” Despite this, the civilians, he said, “are still determined not to allow this military coup to take over the country. Almost the entire capital is paralyzed because people took to the streets and blocked roads to slow down the movement of vehicles and military personnel, who could not stop more people and kill more people.”

The coup takes place a year after Sudan joined the Abrahamic agreements to establish relations with Israel and now Munis explains that “if Israel makes any statement that it supports the new government or the new military coup, Sudan-Israel relations or normalization will probably be in real danger. People say ‘we are ready to die’ “Than the army will rule the country again.”

The activist even referred to the coup attempt that took place about a month ago in the country and failed, explaining: “It was actually part of the game of the military general, who announced the military coup yesterday. He completely controls the army, no one can raise his head in front of him. All we heard and all attempts were “Part of the political game that the Sudanese army is playing.”

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