Iranian presidential election: The Iranians will go to the polls tomorrow (Friday) to elect their next president. The turnout is expected to be low at around 30-40%, compared to 70% in the 2017 election.

Apparently, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s candidate, Ibrahim Raisi, will win the election and be the next Iranian president. He will replace current President Hassan Rouhani, who is stepping down after two terms.

The Iranian Interior Ministry announced that the results would be announced by noon on Saturday, June 19, less than 12 hours after the polls closed. If Raisi does win, widespread street protests are expected in response.

As stated, estimates are that the turnout will be low. In the parliamentary elections in 2020, the turnout was the lowest so far, with a turnout of only 42%.

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Apparently, the low turnout reflects a growing distrust of the Iranians in the regime, after years of economic hardship and severe damage to the country during the corona crisis.

Ibrahim Raisi (Photo: Reuters)

Raisi is the best-known candidate, having been head of the Iranian justice system and running against incumbent President Hassan Rouhani in the 2017 elections.

However, his election as president could fuel anger among Iranians over manipulation and electoral fraud, and this has international implications. As a tough conservative, Raisi may prove to be more difficult to deal with compared to the moderate Rouhani.

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